Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Are you tired of the old look of your blog? So hurry, beautifying it now. Here are given some cute picture for your banner. Only with the simple steps you can get this banner. How? just follow and like then leave ur message with name of banner in my chatbox k. if you are willing to give credit to my blog, it would be better. TQ.


Love Birds

Pink Mirror

Pink Note










Monday, June 11, 2012


1. Are you interested to make money online?
2. Still looking for a product to sell?
3. You do not have a thorough understanding of online business?

All the above are just a few questions that always played in our minds. You want to make money online but do not know how. So here, I would like to share some ways to make money easily with online business. But, the first step you need to learn and know the internet as much as possible. You can also get information by reading books, magazines or just google.Ooops! open a personal email is for sure.

Then build a website or blog as a central gathering materials or information about activities and  products. If possible, upgrade, designing and try to attract as many visitors to your website / blog. Important! You should also visit others websites / blogs  and leave impressions or messages in their chatbox @ comment box. 

If you could download some software into computer, yes .. it would be better. Mostly,  the software often used are Window 7Adobe Photoshop, Photo Suite, Dream Weaver and Kaspersky-Anti Virus. If there is some capital you can buy digital cameras, scanners and fax machines. Wow! now you already have your own office only in a small room at your home. 

When you have a business, there must be buy and sell right? then must have a bank account right? The online selling and buying can be done by several methods such as bank transfer, paypal, debit & credit card.

Ok, howabout the products to sell? already have an idea? Many popular products on the market.  You can be their sales agent so you do not need to spend too much capital. Or maybe you have your own products. Maybe you are a designer? can make cakes, biscuits and bread? know how to make crafts? Below are some product / business ideas:

*Craft                                                               *Children Clothes
*Gadget                                                          *Property
*Fashion Boutiqe                                          * Franchise
*Women Accesories                                    *Cake & Pastry
*Entertainment/ Music                                  *Foof & Healthy Products
*Books/ Magazine                                        *Photography/ Video
*Shawl & Hijab                                              *Make up/ wedding Planner
*Alquran Digital                                             *Affiliate
*Perfume                                                        *Publisher

What is the strength of the online market? 
1. Make sure there is no problem with the supplier which there are no stock problem with lowest price.
2. You have to actively download your product images / business.
3. State the latest promotions and offers.
4. State also how the purchase and delivery of products correctly and accurately.
5. Goods must be in nice packed  and should be reach to the purchaser properly.

So, get ready to make money online.